Row delayed… but testing begins!

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to inform everyone that my challenge, duncanadrift – A Solo Atlantic Row, will have to be delayed until May 2018.

The downturn in my work offshore, alongside disappointing/delayed decisions by some of the organisations who have pledged funding help, has slowed things down to the point where May 2017 will be here before Plan B has progressed my plans near enough to my targets.

Until now I have financed the project myself: materials, boat build, technology, navigation course including assessment, research and study – costing me in excess of £10,000 for materials & equipment + hundreds of hours over the past 2 years + most of my sanity! Now, I need to find complementary funding to enable test rows and the purchase of remaining essential equipment.

I am so grateful for all your support so far: practical help, advice, funding, discounted items, encouragement, goodwill and donations. So far £575 has been donated to Water Aid, through Justgiving and directly to me I fully understand if anyone would like their donation to be passed on to WaterAid now – just let me know. Otherwise, your donations will be added to until I meet my challenge in 2018 and can hand over a significant amount to WaterAid, the most important action of all!

On the bright side:
-I successfully carried out an inversion/self-righting test (whilst inside!!) to assess hatches, vents and ballast setup – see video here, as evidence!  
-Soon I will buy the basic radio and chart plotter I need in order to do practice rows near to home.
-I have studied, completed assessments for and passed the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster qualifications in navigation.
-Skiff trailers I have built: one trailer for my boat, which will be donated when shipped to start of row in New York and one trailer, to order, for the Lochinver Skiff Group to raise funds for my solar panels/batteries and controller unit.
-Now I am building a skiff trailer for the KLB skiff group to help raise funds for my challenge.



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