To row across the North Atlantic Ocean from New York to Lochinver in a self-built clinker style skiff converted for ocean rowing.

The vessel has such nice original flowing hull lines that this was decided? to keep exactly the same with my own topside and internals only being designed different to suit the row. This project will only be remotely possible through the approval to build through the original designer Ian Oughtred who has been a great help to me.

The build to be completed over the winter of 2016-17 with a year to iron out the problems and shorter sea trials with an accompanied rigid workout routine with a view to crossing around May 2018, after approval from the relevant authorities either side of row.

Initially, my route will take me east, roughly following a course of 40 degrees north latitude before I begin to head north east towards the U.K., utilising the Gulf Stream leading on and upwards with the North Atlantic drift to help me on my 3400 miles journey home. If and when i get near the Hebrides i will allow a good last days row for the home straight as i approach land again as I don’t want to be sleeping during this time.  I aim to arrive in Lochinver (90-100 Days estimated), between July-August–2018!

The Atlantic Row will involve rowing at least for 12 hours, each day, for 3 months as well as coping with the various hazards. The North Atlantic Ocean can present
such as– Hurricanes/ Shipping/ Debris/Icebergs


I will be expected to carry a certain amount of emergency equipment or else the US Coastguard will not let me leave New York.

This will include a life raft, immersion suit, EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), flares, sea anchor-droughs and a Grab Bag (this will contain items that will help me survive should I have to abandon the boat). I myself will be expected to have attained certain qualifications to prove that I am ready for the challenge ahead and these include VHF/ radio certified, First Aid, sea survival(which I have and update all the time) and navigation I will do an Ocean Navigation course.

I have already completed several of these courses through the offshore work I do. Also, I have gained sound knowledge/experience of the marine environment with 20 years’ service as a volunteer crew member in the RNLI.


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