This voyage will only be possible with some help to get to my start point fully prepared. I am contributing to the overall total raised by self-building the vessel and providing as much as I can for fitting it out . Thus, although one major cost is covered, I still require to fundraise for the items listed below:

Electronic side—nav-plotter/radio-vhf/sat phone/laptop/etc————-£7500


Solar panels———————————————————————-£1750

Watertight Hatches x 3 & deck storage sealed hatches 11————–£1500

Oars X 2 sets Carbon fiber —————————————————-£1200

Transport of vessel to start—————————————————-£5000

Safety equipment—EPIRB/ life raft /survival suit/flares grab bag kit—£1550

Food-cooking/gas—————————————————————-£ 950


One-way (hopefully) Flight to/accommodation in New York————–£1200

An estimated TOTAL (which inevitably will be more!) ———————-£25150

Hopefully, with sponsorship, this will all come together with different grades of sponsorship represented on the boat by advertisements in strategic positions (see diagrams below).

Diamond Level—£7500 Capt sponsor

Gold Level——-£5000 1ST mate sponsor

Silver Level—–£2500 2nd mate sponsor

Pearl Level——£1000 pirate sponsor

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 21.43.05

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 21.43.23


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